I help individuals heal past separation

  • Heal through your divorce trauma without talk-therapy 

  • Discover your step-by-step divorce healing process  - healing is learned

  • Learn healing tools and practices most suited for you and your personality - we all heal differently

  • Heal from your current relationship loss, without discussing your childhood or family history

  • Re-discover peace through learning how to stop ruminating about your ex and your marriage

  • Heal past infidelity, lies, and emotional abuse

  • Divorce Healing Blueprint - Healing is a learned skill

  • Separation and Divorce Healing. Learning How to Heal - The entire process.

  • Take Back Power - Stop Taking the Accusation Bait

  • Help my loved-one through their separation - Discover what to do and stop doing. 

  • And, so much more...

  • 15-Minute Consultation... finding what's best for you. There are many options, finding the best fit for you is the most important thing. We all heal differently.

  • A unique community for us...it's like a Facebook group but without all of the stuff that you don't like. It's an all-in-one resource

  • It's a growing community that you are part of




I understand that each of us heal differently and as such you will be looking for different healing environments and options. Whether it be an online course, working in groups or private sessions. 
If you are uncertain where to start I highly recommend booking a 15-minute call with me. I recognize that there are many deciding factors that help you choose which resource is right for you and this ranges anywhere from your preferred learning style to your personal budget. I'm happy to support you in finding an option that works best for you.
My specialty is helpig people heal through divorce. In fact I'm a huge supporter of people finding the right specialist for their divorce situation. I've dedicated my practice to successfuly supporting people healing through divorce and I know many others divorce experts that have done the same. There are so many options that are available today to support you in a more peaceful divorce whereby you feel more empowered, proud and even happy in the end and I'm happy to help guide you in the right direction with professionals that I trust. 

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