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Divorce Healing Blueprint

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Intro to Divorce Healing Blueprint Course 

  • Know your Divorce Healing Blueprint and 30 actions that promote faster healing for you specifically

  • Uncover 20 things you have been doing that are stopping or delaying your healing process (these will surprise you!)

  • Have more self-awareness and self-confidence

  • Have more hope and clarity, helping you feel more empowered

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99% Success Rate (in person)
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How to Qualify to Get this Course for Free
  1. In exchange for participating in the course, I'm asking for you to provide me with a truthful testimonial and course feedback in the form of a survey
  2. You must be in the process of separating or divorcing; you may be living with your ex or living apart
  3. You are in search of extra support and are open to something new
  4. You agree to complete the course and its assignments within 7 days of the 1st session (approx 6 hour commitment)

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Hi, I'm Bonnie 

I have been coaching and counseling for over 20 years and I'm looking forward to sharing this work with you. I'm ofter heard saying that healing is a learned skill, and this course is now your opportunity to create a healing resource kit that will work.

I'm so proud to say that I have dedicated my entire

practice to helping people heal, grow, and thrive after separation and divorce. I understand then very unique aspects of healing through divorce, and it's unlike another type of healing. 


As a Registered Social Service Worker and Professional Certified Coach, and soon-to-be Master Certifed Coach, I am dedicated to bringing excellence to all of my clients. 

I truly trust that you will gain so much invaluable knowledge as you complete this course. I look forward to getting to know each of you better.


Warm Regards, 

Bonnie Duarte,

Your Divorce Recovery Coach 

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