In-Person Sessions or Virtual Care

It's time to reconnect. Bonnie Duarte is open for in-person sessions as well as Virtual Video Conferencing. Yes, virtual sessions are still available, and I  recommend coming in person if your health permits.


My role during this pandemic is to support you with your emotional health, as you navigate your separation and divorce; and I trust that given the guidelines put in place you will be able to make the best choices for your physical health.  

For In-Person Session

  1. Please complete the short COVID screening questionnaire that is attached to your pre-session form

  2. Hand Washing: Prior to entering my office I'm asking that you please wash your hands in the onsite washroom located directly across the hall from my office

  3. Hand-Sanitation: If handwashing isn't an option, I will also provide hand-sanitizer (with at least 70% alcohol content), if required

  4. Face-Masks/Coverings: Face masks will not be required during our visits, as it's important to see faces for emotional cues and clearer communication, yet face coverings will be required in the hallways of the office building

  5. 2-Meter Rule: We will respect the 2-meter physical distancing, so chairs will be placed 2 meters apart 

  6. Minimizing physical contact during our session is recommended

  7. Paperwork will be required or exchanged during our session

  8. Tissues: You will be provided with a small bag to put any used tissue into, you will be required to take this bag with you at the end of our session

  9. Cleaning procedures: I will sanitize all high-contact hard surfaces between sessions (such as door handles)

Virtual Services:

  1. Phone Call only; or

  2. Encrypted Private Video-Conference Calls


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