"When first met Bonnie she was the friend of a very good friend of mine. I learned she was a coach as I was going through a tough relationship with an addict.  I was struggling with self-worth, self-esteem and chronic depression as well as many other relationship issues such as the inability to properly communicate.  Not only were these problems affecting my relationships, it was seeping into my physical health and hindering my career and my ability to move forward.  Bonnie equipped me with the tools I needed to confront why I had these problems in the first place, that I was not wrong to feel what I felt and how to work through them; in a new way.  After some serious happenings and the end of my relationship she guided me through my grief, for me, she was a friend and a coach and shared with me more methods to cope and excel at the same time.  Whenever I have a struggling moment, I  now use the tools she taught me, and without fail they give me perspective and help guide me in the right direction.  And now, just over a year later, have a healthy personal relationship with a wonderful man and have taken small progressive steps towards my professional goals.  I look forward to our next phase of coaching which is focusing on my professional life.  Thank you so much, Bonnie, for everything!"

B. Watson, Office Manager

"I starting working with Bonnie in June 2016. Just one month prior, my world had dissolved into loss and pain indescribable by words. My relationship ended, my family felt torn apart. I was destroyed. Then I began working with Bonnie and my healing began. She created a safe and trusting place where I was able to express all of my feelings freely, I could let my tears flow, express my anger and see my fears. I was able to start my healing with her gentle guidance and support.  Bonnie is an extremely compassionate, patient caring healer, I never felt rushed during any of my session. I feel truly blessed to have worked with her. She is my healer and I consider her my friend as well."

W. Conrad, Hospitality Manager

"When I came to Bonnie I had just found myself at the end of a 23 year relationship. My world was turned upside down and I felt like my future was in shambles. I was losing a handle on even the simple things that I was so accustomed to handling and I knew that I needed help and guidance. My first session with Bonnie was a breath of fresh air. Not only did she help me with the grieving process but she helped me with my feelings of rejection and low self-confidence. Bonnie reassured me that the process that I was going through was important in the healing and that I would come out of it with a more experienced outlook on life. She provided me with the tools to calm my emotions and how to stop ruminating thoughts. Bonnie prevented me from going down that “rabbit hole”.

Her non-judgemental methods and empathetic attitude towards healing after divorce is amazing. She never told me what I should do or not do; I was provided with the logic so that I could make the right decisions going with my gut feeling. I feel so refreshed now and I have a much clearer vision of my life now. I want to thank Bonnie for helping me to keep it together through the emotionally unstable times and getting me to the acceptance stage of where I am at now. I am back on track and now know that I will be okay and my future is bright. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

David Baker, IT Specialist

"When I started working with Bonnie I had just ended a two year engagement.  I was completely blindsided when it happened and had a very difficult time coping with life.  I was questioning myself, the choices I made and my self worth.  It was very difficult for me to function and complete even the most simple routine tasks.  My effectiveness and ability to function as a self employed business owner was stalled and I was scared about what the future held.

By the end of the first session I had stopped my downward spiral.  I could see all the guilt and blame I placed on myself i a completely different life.  There was a light at the end of the tunnel and I was hopeful and clear that they way I felt was not going to last forever.  Bonnie was supportive and loving and had a uncanny intuition to uncover the things that I was unwilling or unable to see. I was able to resume “normal” activity and living much faster than I imagined I could.

I now know myself as a stronger more capable person than I did before.  When I face new challenges I frequently reach out to Bonnie just to touch base and get a “tune-up”.  I always feel like a better version of myself after working with her!”

Damian Reid, Author and Business Owner

"Bonnie is an insightful, grounded, and dynamic coach whom you may absolutely trust to be there for you. She creates a safe, respectful, and inspiring environment in which to examine anything. Her commitment to my process and her ability to listen - to really listen – to what I'm saying, creates clarity in my thinking and has inspired me to take actions that are bold and surprising.  At first, I was anxious about sharing because I thought it would make me feel vulnerable, but Bonnie and I created a space within which an evolving conversation could occur; a space without anything/anyone being made right or wrong. It's from these focused, honest exchanges that I have been able to take action in areas that I would otherwise have continued to ignore, or continued to use as an excuse. Without pretensions, Bonnie unreservedly shares of herself. She is always completely present to our conversations and engaged with what my goals are. She approaches her work with delight and sincere enthusiasm. It's infectious."

S. Wasyk, Project Manager


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