Hygge is Good for Healing Through Divorce

My inner Dane is so excited right now, it’s as if my ancestors are reaching out to me saying “It’s Time, It's Time!”. 

As the summer begins to wind down; school starts-up and the weather cools; I’m present to many emotions, I can feel a shift in my mood a mild somber sadness. I miss summer already. I have feelings of loss, wishing I did so much more and enjoyed many more moments. I wish I have taken the time to soak up the incredible heat and even the humidity, yes the heat that felt so unbearable a few weeks ago feels like a missed opportunity today. It’s funny how that is and how less present I am then I’d like to think. And then I remembered Hygge, and my energy shifted immediately! But what is Hygge and how can it help you heal through your divorce? Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish word used to describe an experience, a lifestyle, an environment, an emotion, and so much more… it’s a word that is at the essence of Danish culture.  This word has caught the attention of the world so much so that the Oxford dictionary has included Hygge as an actual English word: It’s defined as: Hygge: The quality of being warm and comfortable that gives a feeling of happiness.  But even more... HYGGE is healing for the heart, body, and soul. The winter months to come can often end up being a frightening uncertain time for people going through a separation and divorce. There are so many unknowns. Too many uncertainties. Your stress is on high alert and you are overloaded. It feels like you are in survival mode. Hygge helps take it one day at a time, and even better one moment at a time. The hygge experience in intentional, it is created for the sole purpose of creating comfort, connection, warmth, and feeling happy and this is why I believe Hygge is also healing.  How doesn’t Hygge help with healing?

  • It helps you be in the present

  • It’s a way to honour yourself

  • It’s customizable to your needs

  • It’s filled with comfort, love, and gentleness

  • It creates connection, intimacy, and laughter

  • It’s a space created for reflection and self-care

Here are some tools or ideas for Hygge to get you brainstorming for more

  • Candles, candles, candles

  • Blankets

  • Dim the lights

  • Light a fire, or turn on the fireplace channel

  • Get comfortable, wooly socks, big cozy cardigan

  • Yet it’s no fuss, this is designed to be done with whatever you already have in your home

  • Put away the computer, connect with people, books, animals, and yourself

  • Flowers

  • A walk in the forest

  • A warm cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee

  • Playing a board game

  • Enjoying a glass of wine, while cuddled in a blanket with friends

  • Comfort Food - chili, bread, cheese

  • Potluck - like a pot of stew, and someone brings bread and someone brings the wine

What Hygge is not 

  • Lazy and sloppy, remember Hygge is an intention it’s done with purpose on purpose

  • Expensive - it’s shouldn’t cost anything (or much) use what you already have in your home 

  • Forced - you can’t fake hygge or make it look like a magazine cover and think that you've made it

Hygge is an experience and the best way to experience Hygge is to allow your body to connect with the parts of Hygge that feel good and then take the actions that are in alignment with how you feel. If thinking about Hygge makes you feel cozy... create cozy, if thinking about Hygge makes you feel like you want to connect with others...then connect with others. You can create it to be any way you want it.  Creating the intention of healing is essential. Choosing your Hygge actives with the intention of healing will provide wonderful healing results.  is your Healing Hygge?  More articles on Hygge

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