No Thanks, I'm not ready for 2018

Updated: Jun 30

You are told that 2018 is a fresh start, after all, it's a new year. Your friends and family have been wishing you a prosperous and happy 2018 and promising good things to come. Yet, Do you agree? How do you feel?

The consensus with my clients is... well... hmm... well, okay truthfully there doesn't seem to be one. There is no consensus. That's true. No one person is on the same page. Everyone is experiencing their grief differently, in their own unique way, and even that appears to shift from moment to moment.

Whether you want it or not, the New Year is here. You are looking at the New Year face on, you don't have a choice; even if you are kicking and screaming and wishing it wasn't. Have you noticed that it doesn't seem to care or have any mercy on you or your life circumstances. 2018 isn't holding off until you are better prepared or ready. It has arrived regardless of your level of acceptance or want.

So now that 2017 has puked all over you (sorry for the visual) or, perhaps you feel more like you've been sucker punched (a far less messy version). Regardless of the bad analogy, it all sucks! But here you are at the effect of your separation and divorce, and you have to move forward. You have to, because darn it, everything else is and everyone else has. So how are you going to do this? How are you going to do this in a way that honours you? How are you going to be your very best self, regardless of the upheaval, heartbreak, and the unknown?

2018 is your time to begin answering some of these questions, or at least for you to start contemplating them. Are you ready?

One thing my clients often hear me say is that to heal you must take the correct healing actions. What the heck is a healing action, you may ask, and are you already doing this? There are hundreds of proper healing actions for you, I promise there is no shortage; and I'm not sure if you are taking them.

So to begin, as yourself what are five new actions that you can take that will honour you, and that will help you move forward? It's crucial to choose healing actions that are authentic and true to you. A Healing action help you deal with your grief head-on so that you can move through your pain and past your heartbreak. I'll give you one hint as to what a healing action is not... it is not an action that helps you avoid or run from your hurt.

Are you curious what your healing actions are? Good, this is a great place to be in. Start this personal inquiry today and then start putting your ideas into actions as soon as possible.


Time Doesn't Heal - Taking The Right Healing Actions Has You Heal!


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