Parent Workshops

We are a group of professional speakers, facilitators, coaches and

instructors who have collaborated to provide exceptional parent workshops under the PRO Grant Guidelines

We see the struggles parents are dealing with on a day to day basis. As coaching professional and as community leaders we often say "They should be teaching this stuff in school" So we stopped just saying it and began teaching it!





" We coach parents so their children become the leaders they are meant to be"


All of our workshops are customizable to meet your needs

Improving Mental Health​ and Self Image

Managing Stress and Anxiety in Your Teens

Happy Confident Childen and Youth, Helping Them Overcome Negative Self Image

Eliminating Stress and Anxiety in Children

How to Talk to Your Children when Bad Things Happen

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Diversity Awareness

Diversity and Awareness - Unlocking Blind Biases

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Parenting Communication

How to Deal with Your Arguementative Child

What To Do When Your Teen Stops Talking And Shuts Down

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Sex Education

Other Topics

Social Media - Protecting Your Kids

Protecting Your Children From Bullying

Nutrition - Health

Healthy Active Families

How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex (at any age!)

How to Navigate the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum

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Meet The Team

Bonnie Duarte, PCC

Co-Founder and Workshop Facilitator


Bonnie Duarte is a Professional Certified Coach, speaker and

workshop facilitator. Bonnie has been coaching for over fifteen years,

of which, over a decade has been in the social services field. She

works with her clients as they navigate through some of the most

difficult periods of their lives, specifically in the areas of grief and loss.

Bonnie provides simple and effective healing solutions.

Tammy Cunningham

Co-Founder and Workshop Facilitator


Facilitator, Speaker, Coach and Mentor with over 20 years

experience. She helps people find their authentic, empowered voice

in relationship and leadership. Tammy has a natural ability to help

others through her deep understanding of human dynamics. Tammy

is a trained Facilitator and has conducted courses of her own design

since 1996. She has also been a highly regarded personal consultant,

assisting people to find their power.

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What Parents Are Saying


Thank you very much! Your talk was very inspiring and I learned a lot of things. I want to share it with my friends! 


Your work is so important, thanks for doing such great work.