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Managing Stress and Anxiety in Your Teens

Learn The 6 Most Important Things to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety in Your Teens

As parents we want to protect our youth; and yet at the same time, we know we have to prepare them for life … because we all know that life is NOT easy! 

Knowing how to best support your Teens through stress will:


Help them expand and grow into healthy adults

Teach resilience and increased confidence

Empower your Teen, helping them be a leader in their life

Reduce your stress, helping you parent with confidence through difficult times

Happy Confident Childen and Youth, Helping Them Overcome Negative Self Image

Every day your children and youth are bombarded by media, comparing themselves to their peers and are battling their own negative thoughts. As a parent, you are are doing your best to raise confident happy children and youth yet they still think they are ugly, fat or not smart enough. Learn how to provide your children tools that will last a lifetime, improving their body image, self-worth and confidence. 

Stress and Anxiety in Children

You may be surprised to know that children are often exposed to far more stress and anxiety, than their parents. Helping your children handle stressful situations requires a skill-set that few parents have had a chance to learn.  In this workshop, you will learn how parents can help turn their children's bad experiences into opportunities of strength and increased self-confidence.

Diversity and Awareness - Unlocking Blind Biases

The first step in diversity is understanding that we all have blind bias that create separation in our community and relationships.  We often picture racism, sexism and ethnocentricity as the traits of villains, yet inside of all of us, we harbour blind bias.  Unfortunately, we pass those bias on to our children.  In this workshop, parents will learn how to be open to and understand their own blind bias and how to deal with those bias.  Also, how to identify bias in their own children and help their children to heal that bias.

How to Deal with Your Arguementative Child

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As parents, we don't want our children to develop communication styles that will hinder them and we feel incredible frustration when we experience "sassy mouth" from our child.  We don't want our children to make negative behaviour into lifelong habits. Yet, it's often difficult to understand where the behaviour is coming from and how to turn it around. In this workshop you will learn how parents can turn arguments around by getting to the heart of the matter and interrupting communication coping strategies.

How to "Not Become Your Parent"

How to get out of the familiar cycle of parenting and parent the way you really want.  We often have an idea of how we want to be, yet we end up doing and saying the same things our parents said or did that didn't work with us.  During this workshop, parents will learn how to circumvent their ingrained patterns of parenting and embrace what works.

How to Talk to Your Children When Bad Things Happen

As parents, we never want bad things to happen to our children. It is our job to protect them! But, sometimes we just can't. How do we talk about divorce, death and global devastation...How do we talk about the unthinkable?  And how this is communicated will also very much depend on the age of the child. In this workshop, parents will learn how to have these types of conversations and the specifics of what to say.​

What To Do When Your Teen Stops Talking And Shuts Down

So many times, our youth just go quiet and stuff their feelings down.  Our teens decide to not bring their worries to us for several reasons.  It's our job to help them and guide them, yet how can we do that when they aren't telling us the whole story.  In this workshop, parents will be given skills and tips to help open up the conversation with their teens.  They will have an opportunity to practice skills that will enhance their relationships.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex (at any age!)

Designed for parents with kids of all ages, this workshop reviews normal sexual development of children, offers tips to take advantage of “teachable moments" and provides an opportunity to become more comfortable talking about issues and questions that might come up with your children.


Special note: Grandparents and other caregivers are encouraged to attend also.  This assists in opening up the conversation in the broader family context so your parents are more equipped to support their grandchildren and you will be better able to provide ensure a consistent message is being given to your children.

How to Navigate the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum

There is both concern and support for the Ontario Sex-Education Curriculum.  This workshop is will review the Sex Education at a high level and will allow you as parents the opportunity to explore how the curriculum relates to your parenting views and values.  You will have the opportunity to create a plan for supporting your child both in school and at home as they learn about themselves and the world in a way that honours your views and values.


Please Note: This workshop is not designed to review the detailed Sex-Education Curriculum.  It is intended to navigate how to align your views with the curriculum so you can provide the kind of support and education you want for your children. To read the full Sex Ed Curriculum (Grades 1-8 and 9-12) click the links below.

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