Mediation Preparation Work

Held on Sunday's

10am - 5pm

Here is The Truth About Divorce:

  • Divorce is full of uncertainty and stress 

  • Divorce can lead to drawn-out legal battles 

  • Divorce can create a lifetime of resentment, suffering, and unhappiness

  • Divorce is emotionally charged

No matter how level-headed you and your ex-partner may be
Emotions WILL Run The Show

Getting Your Needs, Wants, and Desires Met With Compassion and Integrity

Perhaps to no surprise, research has shown that most people do not have the emotional skill set or the Emotional IQ to peacefully navigate a fair separation agreement. All too often divorcing couples begin the mediation approach with good intention and they fail because one party's emotions end up hijacking the desired process. If you pause for a moment you will see that this makes perfect sense given that divorce is likely the most emotionally charged and emotionally overwhelming experience of one's life. We believe, that for a successful collaborative outcome you require the right training to help teach you the necessary skills to ensure a far more successful legal process. 


This Divorce Mediation Workshops Will Help You:

  • Know if you are ready to mediate

  • Have the tools to save money in mediation

  • Know which battles to choose and which ones to drop

  • Better understand power dynamics

  • Have stronger medication communication skills

  • Save money, time and energy

  • Create a kinder, gentler process, giving you the outcomes that you want and deserve

  • Keep you and your family out of court

  • Reduce the likelihood of emotionally based decision-making

  • Giving you more control and say with the outcome of your separation agreement

  • Support you in fulfilling your personal and family interests

  • Encourage emotional healing

Course Facilitators:


Bonnie Duarte, RSWW, PCC

Divorce Recovery Coach


Ron Depaola, B.A.,Q.MED

Accredited Family/ Community Mediator


How it Works

You and your ex-partner choose 2 different Sundays

The Schedule


  • You will each receive a private 30-minute preparation call
    prior to the workshop


  • You will each receive a workbook

  • 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


  • 10-minutes breaks every 90-minutes


  • 30-minute lunch delivered onsite (please notify of any allergies)

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