5 Step Healing Process

Being Present

Self Awareness

How to move forward and design a new future


Honour, Kindness, Self Awareness

Choice, Confidence and Core Values

Empowering Mindset


New Perspective

Moving through separation and divorce is a healing process that requires very specific attention to the areas shown above. To heal you must take deliberate focused actions towards your healing, yet many of these actions are counter-intuitive and few of us have been taught how to do this. 


It is common for my new clients to say to say to me, "I just want to get over it" or "just make my head stop, it's too much". When they begin implementing these new strategies and healing techniques they are amazed at how quickly their healing begins and how they can stop their head from spinning with questions. Their new actions and their new understanding help them feel hopeful and in control of their life again.


I want to draw your attention to what I call Divorce Myths. There are many harmful myths that you are saying to yourself (perhaps daily) that are preventing you from moving forward.  


Do you believe in any of these Divorce Myths?


  • To move on and heal just take time

  • It is not realistic to move forward too quickly, it will take x amount of time

  • You should just keep busy and distracted to try and take your mind off of the hurt

  • You must stay strong

  • If you could just figure out "why" it ended, then you could either fix it or at least understand and have closure


Myths just like these will stop you from healing. In fact, I have over 30 myths that could prevent you from moving forward and healing they way you would like. I highly recommend that you read this special report on 33 Divorce Myths, it may be shocking how many things you are likely believing that are preventing you from moving forward.


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Bonnie Duarte, PCC

Divorce Recovery Coach






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