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Divorce and Separation Workshops
Workshop Topics 

1) Moving Beyond Infidelity

Whether it is emotional or sexual infidelity the effects can be devasting, traumatic and debilitating. Regain your personal power, begin feeling calmer and more in control of your life again.


2) Recovering from a Narcissistic Ex

Divorcing and parenting with a Narcosis will require a new skill set. learn how to begin recovering from the abuse and how to communicate going forward, so that you feel empowered in your life.


3) Core Values

Discovering Your Core Values is essential to knowing yourself, growing and making good decisions for your life going forward. Identifying your Core Values will give you a new tool to better understand who you are and why others are the way they are.


4) Healing Blueprint

You are unique and the way you heal and understand the world around you is unique. Knowing your healing blueprint will provide you with the exact tools and actions you must have and take to begin healing and moving forward


5) Moving Through Emotional Pain

Discover the 5 step process to healing and moving through emotional pain. Knowing how to move through emotional pain is a learned skill, much of what you already know will keep you stuck. Step into an easier faster way fo healing feeling and more hopeful and in control.


6) Understanding Why - Find Your Answers

You've been stuck trying to figure out WHY. You have replayed the scenarios a thousand times and you just can't make sense of it. WHY? What should you have done differently? What did you miss? Discover what you need to know and how to overcome and answer your deep unanswerable questions.

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