Are you struggling with the breakup of your marriage?

Divorce Healing Blueprint Course is the pathway for you to begin your healing journey no matter where you are in the process.
I promise you can heal so much faster than you ever knew possible. 
(WITHOUT having to rely on advice from others (*how annoying*), google for help once again (*too surface level, not helpful*),
or turn to old out-dated coping strategies (*that simply do not work*)

"This course has truly taken my healing process to the next level. I've been talking about the course all week with my friends and colleagues. The concepts are tangible, practical and sustainable to any journey someone is in."   ~ D.A

"It was really valuable,  action-based and individualized (we took assessments to determine which actions would be best for us) and healing-focused. Bonnie was very professional, open and approachable with a lot of experience in the field. I highly recommend it!."   E.H

"Bonnie has a great energy and I found her to be very personable, approachable, and genuinely interested in the topics. I learned so much about myself and my healing" T.P.

"I feel like I know myself again for the first time in years" S.P.

Here is the can absolutely heal and it CAN happen much faster than you realize 
But you have a big problem...You can not see what to do; you don't know how to heal and move forward,
you are stuck, frustrated and you are at a loss
You've been hoping that 'time will heal' and you've been looking for ways to distract yourself;
thinking that it will get better - yet it's getting worse!
You need to stop doing this to yourself!
Stop relying on the 5 Stages of Grief, distracting yourself, hoping that time will help you heal,
or going to others for their advice. None of this will help, it just won't work.

Tell me if you can relate to this...

  • You are struggling through a separation or divorce, overwhelmed by your emotions and your ex

  • You often think about the marriage and wish you could have done something different. You are ruminating about the past saying things like... if only, what if, I wish...

  • You want to understand WHY so that you can figure out what went wrong

  • You are feeling stuck and unable to get out of this emotional rut - you don't know
    what to do

  • You spend too much time googling and researching ways to get over and understand your unique situation

  • You are terrified and worried that you may never feel like yourself again, and that you may feel broken or lonely forever 

Our Next 2 Day Workshop

December 12th & 13th

2:15pm - 5:15pm

I understand!
Before I knew any different, I use to believe in the 5  Stages of Grief,
I encouraged generalized self-care, and practiced positive affirmations, I did my best!
Like many other coaches, therapists, and divorce experts, I wasn't helping my clients the way I ultimately wanted to.
The results were too slow and they didn't last
The improvements were small – my clients were frustrated and so was I
I knew there must be another way and so I began looking for different solutions
I was determined to find something else  - something that works! 
And when I did it was a GAME-CHANGER
I was able to provide sustainable lasting results infinitely faster!
How Things Changed
I had a Huge Ah-Ha Moment... well several Ah-Ha Moments

It became clear that the foundation for healing was NOT through the pure form of coaching or therapy

I knew I was on the right path, but I was still missing something. 


It all changed when I saw that healing is a learned skill it was not something that anyone 'should' know how to do on their own. NOBODY naturally or innately knows how to heal  - Healing is taught!


Each of us has our own UNIQUE pathway to HEALing.  We all heal differently! Which is not a huge surprise to most.


The transformational moment was when I saw how to teach this. It became as clear as day!

I've now been teaching this for years to my separation and divorce clients


Nothing bothers me more than when I hear health professionals and divorce experts alike share inaccurate and potentially harmful information in regards to healing - such as saying things like "Time Heals, Stay Strong or Distract Yourself"

Because I NOW know that this type of advice will lead to a lifetime of unresolved grief!

There is a teachable process to healing that when you learn this and practice this your life will not be the same!


Healing takes something (the willingness to heal can often be the hardest step because it's scary) Yet, learning how to heal is oddly so much easier than all of us realize. Typically the trickest part is unlearning old out-dated beliefs around healing.

You made it easy. Learning my blueprint was life-changing. I now focus on what is enjoyable and healing rather than focusing on how to fix myself. I’m at peace and know who I am ~ Kris M
Stop Suffering Through Your Separation and Divorce Grief
Please stop trying to figure this out on your own or continue taking other people's advice
Imagine what it would be like if you felt calmer and more peaceful in your healing journey; and you had a clear healing pathway going forward, feeling more confident
in the steps you were taking because they felt right for you
Welcome to the...

Divorce Healing Blueprint a unique customized healing system designed for
people healing through divorce and looking for a straight-forward approach that works
Continue to imagine what it would be like if you had:
  •  A clear outline of which healing actions you needed to move forward
  • A personal-customized list of things to watch out for 
  • More self-assurance, trust and confidence, knowing who you are and what you want
  • A completely new outlook on healing – feeling more in control of your healing 

Hi, I'm Bonnie 

I have been coaching and counseling for over 20 years and I'm honoured to share this work with you. I'm often heard saying that healing is a learned skill and it's through taking the right healing actions that we heal. This course is your opportunity to create a healing resource plan that will begin to create the foundation of your healing journey.

I'm so proud to say that I have dedicated my entire practice to helping people heal, grow, and thrive after separation and divorce. I understand the very unique aspects of healing through a divorce, and it's unlike any other type of healing. 


As a Registered Social Service Worker and Professional Certified Coach, I am dedicated to bringing excellence to all of my clients. 

I truly trust that you will gain so much invaluable knowledge as you complete this course. I look forward to getting to know each of you better.


Warm Regards, 

Bonnie Duarte,

Your Divorce Recovery Coach 


Is this course for me?

The Divorce Healing Blueprint is for people in the separation and divorce process. People who have benefited from the course are typically feeling many difficult emotions such as heartbreak, fear, overwhelm, shame, and sadness just to name a few. This course is best designed for someone in the throes of separation and divorce and they are feeling the deep emotional impact of their marriage coming to an end. 

When is the course?

This course is now being delivered on a regular basis, at this point you can expect it to be running monthly, but this could change at any time... it's best to do it sooner than later.

Where is the training being held?

I'm so excited to be offering a full safe online experience with this training. The course is hosted on our Separation and Divorce Community (a community of like-minded caring people that understand what you are going through) We are part of the Mighty Networks Platform, this is by far the best way to deliver a course that I've found to date. We learn in a community setting it is a much richer experience. *Please note that all community engagement is optional.

How much is it?

Currently, the course is $35, This is a full 6.5-hour course so as you can well imagine, this is a deal, Often we want a quicker fix, but to do it right requires an investment of time - you are worth it!

Do I have to attend the whole thing?

Yes and no. No, you do not have to attend all 3 days, as I will record the LIVE session; yet, I highly recommend that you attend all the live sessions and this is for 2 reasons, your chance of completing the course will be 100% and you will get your healing results immediately - now that is fast!

How do I know this will help?

Guaranteed it will help, the question is always how much will it help? or Can it help me? If you attend the course live you will receive everything I promise. As much as I would love to say you could learn everything you need to know for all of your healing in 3 days, this is just not true or realistic. Healing is a process, and yes you will learn what I've outlined above, and if you like what you've learned here you will have an opportunity to learn more. 

Intro to...

Online Course


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