Your relationship has ended and you are at a loss of what to do next. You've tried everything that you know to do but you can't fix this problem on your own. You feel so frustrated because everything that you have known to do thus far has failed you.

You are walking a fine line and you can't afford to make another mistake, too much is riding on you. but you are terrified because you can see the signs of depression creeping up on you. Your are lonely, confused and overwhelmed You need it all to stop! And, you have to figure this out fast.

You are unwilling to hit rock bottom. But you feel stuck in a downward spiral of feeling insecure worthless and dejected. You feel like you have lost everything and that you have accomplished nothing.

You don't know who to talk to, everyone is giving you their advice but none of their advice changes anything. Everyone else says "You will figure this out", "You are better off without her" and to "Give it time", But none of this advice is working.

All that you are able to see is everything that you have messed up. You question everything and you don't trust your ability to make good decisions any longer.

Feeling happy, hopeful and confident again seem like the impossible dream. You would be happy if you could just stop the downward spiral. You want to figure out how to move on again. If you could get back to the man you were.

All you want is for your life to be what it once was, but you know this is impossible. All that matters to you is that your family is happy and you are willing to do anything it takes to keep them.

But now, it is time for you to focus on yourself and for you to get emotionally healthy again. It's time to put the oxygen mask on before you can help anyone else. But this is unfamiliar territory, this is not your strength. You are searching for something to help you.

I'm here to help!

I am a Professional Certified Coach and I will help you heal through your relationship loss. There are 4 fundamental areas that are essential for you to implement and practice as you grieve the loss of your separation, knowing and practising these areas will stop the downward spiral and support you in moving forward.


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