Learning Language


you have just discovered your Learning Language. Your top 2 highest scoring Learning Language are the area you want to focus you attention on.


’m certain you have thoughts, feelings and options about the results. How does it feel? Does this look right to you? Do you believe they are accurate?


Auditory (A)

Visual (V)

Kinaesthetic (K)

Facts and Figues (F)

Energetic (E)


Many discover their Learning Language and straight away know they’ve nailed it. It’s perfect. Others are on the fence, they are teetering back and forth, humming and hawing, not quite sure if this is the right one. Then there are others you are adamant that their results are wrong, that there was a mistake. No matter where you are please know it’s just fine, in fact it’s perfect. It’s not uncommon hear people say, “This is a mistake, I’m certain that I’m a visual learning not an auditory learner.” No problem, I understand. My invitation to you is to try out this new information, and practice it for a bit Then, once you’ve completed the course and if you still realize that its not a fit, you can switch it at any time. This is your course and you can use it in any way that supports you best. 


The quiz you completed is a very good guideline and for most people and it is very accurate, yet hey, it’s not perfect. Regardless of how perfect it is or isn’t please follow the designed process. The hopes and intentions of this course (and these exercises) are that you will discover somethings new about yourself, something that you would never have seen on your own. These new discoveries will give you tremendous healing power.


Practising your unique Learning Language will be a game-changer in your healing process. You will go from being tentative to having confidence in knowing what healing actions feel good for you. You will know with greater certainty what actions are healing and which are not. Understanding your Learning Language will give you access to dozen’s of new practices that will begin increasing your energy and help you feel more successful in your healing journey. Remember healing does not happen over time; all healing happens in actions. The  actions you take determine your healing success.


Now I want to bring your attention to the sections ahead; Auditory, Visual, Kinaesthetic, Facts and Figures, and Energetic, 


Each page will teach you many interesting aspects of you  specific Learning Language. There there will be 2  lists outlining the Healing Actions and the Non-Healing Actions. Otherwise known as Long-Lasting Healing Actions and Short-Term Fixes.


The most powerful part of this exercise is in the list of Healing Actions and the Non-Healing Actions. With this list you will begin to see the things you are and aren’t doing. My private clients are often surprised  when they notice that the things they are doing most throughout their day tend to sit on the not healing side and far less on the healing side. You may be surprised to hear that I will not tell you to stop the actions that are not healing. I’m simply asking that you to begin recognizing them.  It's important to know that at best a non-healing actions will provide a short-term fix, as worst you will hope the non-healing actions are working and you will become hopeless and frustrated when you discovery that they are not working and that you are not feeling better and in many cases you are feeling worse. Look at it like a scale... the goal is you want more healing actions than not. the more healing actions you practice the more energy you will have the more energy you have the more likely you are honouring yourself and that you will heal, in fact you can heal faster then expected. 







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