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Learn How Best to

Restore YOUR Energy

Discover your UNIQUE Stress Blueprint

Burnout is a real possibility, but it doesn't have to be
Returning to your classroom feeling more refreshed and in control is POSSIBLE



You have been so creative and innovative - You've given everything you have; yet operating at high levels of stress for months on end is simply not sustainable. You are running on empty, feeling burned out, and not knowing how you can continue. 


Everyone has their breaking point!

Managing this pandemic has worn you out, between the administration, the students, the parents,  your own worries, your family's needs, and any additional personal stressors in your life, it's just not realistic to expect that you can keep pushing through without any extra support. 

I Can Help!

This is NOT Just Another Stress Workshop

The last thing you need is another high-level webinar on how to reduce stress

although well-intended, this is NOT useful.  


Discovering your Stress Healing Blueprint is different. 

This is easy, personalized and it just makes sense!

You will have a new understanding of yourself and why you are the way you are. 

Discovering and practicing this is much easier than you could imagine.

Discovering your Stress Healing Blueprint within this Stress Relief System will be a game-changer for you.


You will begin to feel like yourself again and in control of your environment. 

Practical, Tangible, & Sustainable

Stress Relief System 
Avoiding Burnout

Online LIVE Course

  • Discover your  Stress Healing Blueprint and 30 actions that promote faster healing decreasing your cortisol levels

  • Uncover 20 things that you have been doing that increase your stress (these will surprise you!)

  • Discover greater self-awareness and self-confidence as you increase your individual capacity for stress - yet feeling less stress

  • Feel empowered and more in control of your environment 

  • Working together, immediate real-time stress reduction results and strategies

  • 6-Hour LIVE Online Course (2 days)

99% Success Rate

A Receipt will be provided for Health Benefit Coverage

You may qualify 
Please check your provider Accredited (OSWSSW)


What participants are saying...

"I feel blessed to have discovered Bonnie Duarte’s supportive services. She has been a life savior for me. I recently took part in her Healing Blueprint Course and came away with a list of healing actions to use to support myself. Bonnie did a great job making the most of the time spent together ensuring the learning was individualized and action-oriented. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for growth and healing" ~ Vice Principal, J.J

"In all my years of teaching, why was I never taught this? Amazing!" ~ Retired Teacher, M.K

"It was really valuable,  action-based and individualized (we took assessments to determine which actions would be best for us) and healing-focused. Bonnie was very professional, open and approachable with a lot of experience in the field. I highly recommend it!."  ~ Teacher, E.H

"Bonnie has a great energy and I found her to be very personable, approachable, and genuinely interested in the topics. I learned so much about myself and my healing" ~ Teacher, T.P.

"This course has truly taken my healing process to the next level. I've been talking about the course all week with my friends and colleagues. The concepts are tangible, practical and sustainable to any journey someone is in."  ~ Teacher, D.A

Meet Your Facilitator

I have been coaching and counseling for over 20 years and I'm honoured to share this work with you. I've often been heard saying "healing is a learned skill ". So what better people to share this with than teachers.  


This course is your opportunity to create an easy & effective resource. Not only is it individualized but you will also enjoy doing it. Most of us rely on short-term fixes, and can't understand why they are feeling more and more suck. Learning the difference between these will be a game-changer in your healing. These are straightforward, energy lifting, and reasonable to fulfill on.

I designed this Healing Blueprint as a Divorce Recovery Coach, and as you can well imagine people going through a divorce are undergoing tremendous stress. So if this Healing Blueprint works for them, I know it will work for you. 

Bonnie Duarte, RSSW, PCC

 I'm so proud to say that I have dedicated my entire practice to helping people heal, grow, and thrive after experiencing the most devastating and stressful times in their life. I understand the unique nuances of healing and how to uncover each person's unique Stress Healing Blueprint. 

As a Registered Social Service Worker and Professional Certified Coach, and soon-to-be Master Certified Coach, I am dedicated to bringing excellence to all of my clients. I also have developed and deliver workshops to schools on "Building Resilient Families" and

"7 Essential Stress-Reducing Tools for your Teens". 

I truly trust that you will gain so much invaluable practical useable knowledge as you complete this course. I look forward to getting to know each of you better.



Warm Regards, ​

Bonnie Duarte RSSW, PCC

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